I Would Love To See More Black Yogi’s

That would be a nice change

Spirituality is picking up in the Western world and with it comes yoga and meditation.

For those who don’t know, yoga is a very popular (and powerful) spiritual practice consisting of asanas(body positions) pranayama (breathwork), and Dyana ( meditations).

It’s well-known that yoga has some roots in ancient Indian and Asian spiritual philosophies and culture. What’s not well known, however, is that Yoga also has a foundation in Ancient AFRICAN spiritual systems.


The earliest signs of Yoga were found in Ancient Kemet (modern-day Egypt ) which even predates India.

And in case you didn’t know, they were black-

-African to be exact.

Dark skin,

Black like me and darker.


Not those fair-skinned people with long straight hair they try to convince us ancient Kemetic people looked like.

They were dark with my hair texture and my face. They were African, and yoga came from them.

(Ancient Kemetic theology is the start of mostly all science and spiritual practices we see today, and these are my ancestors yet despite them contributing to the systems of the world, they are overlooked,

damn near washed over and wiped out, their history watered down)

This brings me to my point

I’m having another issue.

Now that yoga has made its way here, where are my people?

a quick Youtube search and I see no one that looks like me.

They are all blonde, thin, and Lilly (maybe not all but most)

No one that I can relate to,

No one who shares some of my struggles as a person of color.

No one who can relate to some of the same cultural issues, battles, mental health, even physical health issues (disease and health affect different cultures in different ways)

Who can share stories that resonate and encourage me on my journey of how yoga has changed their lives for the better as a POC.

No one that shares my history.

Something so healing and transformational that can benefit my community in so many ways and yet it's not promoted to us, why?

I can’t help but wonder

Is it that black yogis hardly exist?

Or are we just not promoted in mainstream America in this way?

I worry that so much of my community won’t ever reap the benefit of something their ancestors inspired the world with. Something with so many profound physical, mental, and spiritual benefits that my community needs today.

I want to see more black faces in yoga.

I wanna see more black yogi YouTubers.

Black yoga instructors.

Black yogi students

Black master yogis.

Hell, I wanna see more black yoga mats.

Most importantly I wanna see more people learning and spreading the TRUTH about yoga’s origin.

Because long before there was yoga in India or Asia or the blondes and brunettes of America, there were brilliant, darkly beautiful, BLACK yogis, people far ahead of their time.

People whose culture is woven into the many spiritual fabrics of the world today.

The Ancient Kemetics are my ancestors, melanated people who taught yoga to the ancient world all up and down the Nile River. They were a powerful nation that after teaching sacred knowledge to the world, was backdoored by some of the same nations they taught (Rome and Greece). And after they were conquered their history was almost wiped out.

That history still cries out through the DNA in my blood, desiring to be remembered.

Ancestors, I vow to make sure All 3 of my black (and Hispanic) children become yogis.



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